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Helping to secure funding in assisting our partners to deliver programmes of activities that empower women and their wider communities to press for and use local health services. Increasing the scale and impact of our work and we will provide evidence for what works well.

You can make a huge impact in the world with a small action. By getting involved and supporting Prosper Kassor Foundation, you will be changing lives for the better, including your own.


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  • Medical equipment

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We want to raise £50K (Fifty Thousand Pounds) for 10 (Ten) water purification systems.

Eugene Muller (Water4Africa) will provide these water purification systems. He did a similar project in the rural parts of Ghana, West Africa.

Each water purification machine costs £5000 (Five Thousand Pounds), including the installation.

We want to raise this amount and finish this project as soon as possible.


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Prosper Kassor Foundation believes that each and every boy and girl should have the opportunity to develop their talents and grow up in peace, similar to European children to enable them impact their environment.

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