Safe Clean Water for N’sele, DRC


The town of N’sele has 320,000 inhabitants, but 85% of the population don’t have access to clean water.

As a result of the human crisis in DRC, the deprived population still rely on water from polluted rivers and streams.

Drinking clean water is a basic human right, not a favour.


Women’s Empowerment


Economic empowerment is a crucial step in rebuilding security and prosperity. Conflict and displacement destroy livelihoods, disrupt local economies, and plunge families into poverty.

Prosper Kassor Foundation will contribute to the fight against poverty and malnutrition by agricultural activities.


Supporting Street Children


In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), it is rare to find a child who doesn’t have multiple problems – acute malnutrition, lack of education, abuse, chronic illness.

That’s why our Foundation is aiming at developing an integrated range of support across health, education and the protection of the deprived group of the population in DRC.


Supporting Families In UK


Prosper Kassor Foundation creates opportunities for children and young people to take part in positive play, learning, leisure, employment training and social activities.

We are a unique organisation basing our success upon building a close partnership with parents and providing real solutions to the difficulties which children in low-income families can face.


Educating, Empowering & Supporting the deprived communities of N’sele

(Democratic Republic of Congo)